Updates 2005

23 October: Due to my pregnancy, all of my sites will be on hiatus until further notice. It's been a rough three months so far, but hopefully I'm heading towards calmer waters and will be able to start bothering people for their con reports again. Thank you for your patience.

31 August: Added Big Apple Con with guest Kristine Sutherland to September '05.

23 August: Added Moonlight Rising '06 with guest Alexis Denisof to next June.

22 August: Removed Nathan Fillion and Summer Glau from Dragon*Con due to work requirements. Added Wizard World Boston with guests Robia LaMorte and Iyari Limon to September/October. Moved Jacks Are Wild...Part Deux from October to February. Added Nathan Fillion, Summer Glau, Sean Maher, Jewel Staite and Christine Hendricks to Starfury: Serenity 2 in November. Added Starfury: Not Fade Away to next May with guests J. August Richards, Amy Acker, and Christian Kane. Added Toronto Trek 20 with guest Amber Benson to next July.

04 August: Added Scott Schwartz and Mercedes McNab to Wizard World Chicago. Removed Nicholas Brendon and Clare Kramer from Moonlight Rising and added Jonathan Woodward. Removed Joss Whedon from Dragon*Con. Removed Nick Brendon from Starfury Prime and added Elizabeth Harnois (Point Pleasant), Robia La Morte and Jonathan Woodward. Added Words & Music and two concerts for James Marsters Live in October.

20 June: Added author Jim Butcher to Whedonverse and Beyond...

12 June: Added Common Rotation to the musical guest list for Angel Booster Bash. Added Scott L. Schwartz to Booster Bash. Removed Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin from Whedeonverse and Beyond... and added Amber Benson.

7 June: Added Tony Todd (Vyasa from the AtS ep "The Shroud of Rahmon") and Adam Baldwin to SFX.

6 June: Added Nathan Fillion to Big Damn Flanvention. Added Wizard World Philadelphia con report by PSUbrat along with photos.

29 May: Added Shore Leave 27 with Danny Strong and Pop Culture Fest with James Leary in July. Added Mercedes McNab to Dragon*Con. Added Clare Kramer to Wizard World Philadelphia.

23 May: Added Jacks Are Better...Part Deux to the October upcoming page with guests Danny Strong, Clare Kramer, Camden Toy, George Hertzberg and Robin Sachs.

22 May: Added James Leary to the Superstar Autograph Show and Kiss Me Jane to Toronto Trek.

19 May: Removed Adam Baldwin and Nathan Fillion from Toronto SFX.

17 May: Added Wizard World Chicago to the August upcoming page with guest Andy Hallett.

13 May: Added Big Damn Flanvention to the December Upcoming page. Guests include Adam Baldwin, Jewel Staite, Ron Glass, Summer Glau, Morena Baccarin, Sean Maher, and Alan Tudyk.

12 May: Guests added: Kali Rocha and Danny Strong (Toronto Trek 19 - July), Andy Hallett and Jenny Mollen (Slayerfest - July), Seth Green (Wizard World Philadelphia - June), Jason Carter and Dayne Johnson (Angel Booster Bash).
Conventions added: Toronto Trek 19, Slayerfest, Wizard World Philadelphia and Slayer Convention.
Removed Andy Hallett and Mark Lutz from Moonlight Rising.

24 April: Added Mark Metcalf to the Superstar Autograph Show in May. Added Andy Hallett and Michelle Kelly (Gunn's sister) to Motor City Buffy Con and removed Nick Brendon, Kelly Donovan, Stacey Scowley and Jason Carter. Added Robia LaMorte to the Vulkon Slayer Cruise and removed Mercedes McNab. Added Kelly Donovan to Moonlight Rising.

22 April: Added Joss Whedon, Ron Glass and Jewel Staite to Dragon*Con.

8 April: Added Vulkon Houston Slayercon report by Irishrose.

4 April : Added David Fury to Whedonverse and Beyond...and Nathan Fillion, James Marsters and Adam Baldwin to Toronto SFX.

25 March: Added Dragon*Con to the September conventions. Guests so far include Morena Baccarin, Adam Baldwin and Nathan Fillion.

23 March: July additions...Added Bridgid Brannagh to the Angel Booster Bash as well as added guests Tom Lenk, Adam Busch and James Marsters to Whedonverse and Beyond...

10 March: Added Mark Lutz to the Angel Booster Bash in July.

9 March: Added Alan Tudyk to Creation's Grand Slam, Nicholas Brendon to Moonlight Rising and James Marsters to Motor City Buffy Con and Whedonverse and Beyond...Also updated a few other guests at other cons.

6 March: Added Whedonverse and Beyond...(July) to upcoming conventions.

8 February: Added I-Con 24 (April), World Horror Convention (April) and Tabula Rasa Events (July) to upcoming conventions. Added new guests to Angel Booster Bash.

21 January: Added new guests to Angel Booster Bash and two more gigs for James Marsters' UK Solo Tour

15 January: Added new guests to Moonlight Rising and the Angel Booster Bash

10 January: Cleaned up the navigation, streamlined the folders and cut down on the amount of pages the site had. I've been a busy little bee!

4 January: Updated the Upcoming Conventions page with Phoenix Events Scotland's Hush convention.